Aluminium Fabrication

At Stella, we have class certified Aluminium welders on hand to take care of all your Structural Aluminium needs. Our Certified welders can perform welding under all vessel class rules including, Lloyds, BV and DNV as well as all local survey authorities. We have extensive experience with hull plate replacement and structural Aluminium works. From New Build to refit and repair, our team have the experience to get your vessel up and running and on the way.

Aluminium is an excellent material for marine construction however like all boat building materials it can have issues if not well maintained, the most common being corrosion of the Aluminium plate. This problem can be easily avoided if the material is well maintained. This means keeping your vessel bilges clean and dry while not dropping things like nuts and bolts or sinkers in your bilge as once in contact with the Aluminium and water these can cause severe corrosion.

Talk with the team at Stella Marine to get you Aluminium plate work back to pristine condition and form a maintenance plan to keep it that way.