Driveline Service

The driveline of your vessel is the life blood of your boating experience yet it is often overlooked and neglected. It is essential that your engines, shafts and props are in tip top condition to ensure that you have a smooth and efficient ride.

A correctly setup and well-maintained drive line can reduce fuel consumption, increase top speed and power while giving you a smooth and trouble-free ride. Our team are fully trained in repairing and maintaining your driveline so you can achieve the best results possible in your vessel.

We start with your propellers with full inspection, impact repair and scanning available. Getting your propeller correctly balanced and pitched to maximum efficiency is the first step.

Shafts follow closely behind, a bent shaft can cause horrific vibration through your vessel, cause undue wear on bearings and gearboxes and generally make your experience very uncomfortable. By running your shaft through our rollers, we can check the shaft to ensure it runs true down to a thousandth of an inch. Any problems can be dealt with there and then, returning your shaft to the vessel with the peace of mind that it is straight and crack free, ready to perform.

Making sure the prop and coupling are a good fit and run true is often overlooked but very important, a coupling with 0.5mm runout will cause significant vibration through your drive train and the vessel.

Of course, we will need to measure your cutlass bearings for wear and make sure they are in tolerance, should these have too much wear you can get shaft wobble and alignment issues, a couple of Duramax or Maritex Cutlass bearings will sort out any issues if required. Moving to the engine, you need to make sure that your engine mounts and fastening are in good order, a collapsed mount can cause the engine to tripod and causing severe misalignment under load. Once we know the mounts are good we will very carefully coax your engine into position to make sure that your axial and radial alignment are spot on, within 3 thousandths of an inch should do the trick.

While we are there we may as well get the oil changed out on your engine and generator so you are ready to hit the water running.

Experience the relaxation of knowing that your drive train is well maintained and ready to go, whether you are crossing oceans or cruising the broad water, a vibration free drive train makes it all smooth sailing.