TRAC Electric Bow and Stern Thrusters

ABT-TRAC produce the world’s most powerful bow and stern thrusters, creating more thrust per horsepower than any other thruster on the market.

The twin counter rotating propellers can reach higher horse power than single Prop units, creating much better efficiency.

Thrusters ranging from 25 horse power through to 200 horsepower can be setup with an AC motor drive instead of the convention TRAC Hydraulic Thrusters. Controlled via a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) we can achieve proportional thruster control and control in rush current.

Our panels are low profile, ergonomically designed and feature proportional control levers. They can come with either in intuitive sprig to centre or a friction lock lever, power on indicator and an audible alarm, and is available in either single or dual control for Bow and Stern thrusters.

TRAC’s AC thrusters are built with only using top quality components to achieve maximum reliability. Our marine duty high efficiency electric motors can be mounted either vertically or horizontally for ease of installation.

Extensively documented and delivered ready to install, backed up by expert factory trained technicians and our global service partners, means you can be assured you have made the right choice.

ABT-TRAC’s thrusters are installed as standard equipment by more of the world’s top yacht builders than any other brand. We offer exceptional performance, extreme quality and come backed with unmatched support.

For more information about our AC thrusters, please see the following product brochure and spec sheet:

ABT-TRAC AC Thrusters Brochure