Gyro Stabilizer Servicing

Stella Marine technicians are fully trained in the servicing of Gyro Stabilisers, our Group member Stella Systems are the Distributors for Smart Gyro, a revolutionary new Gyro Stabilisation System. The huge advantage the Smart Gyro has over it competitors is the longevity of the product and dramatically reduced maintenance costs.

The Smart Gyro can be fully Serviced in Situ, in your vessel, this includes major overhaul and bearing replacement at the major service intervals. Our nearest competitor needs to remove the unit from the vessel and ship back to the factory overseas to perform these same services.

Our team have been fully trained by the manufacturers to perform all serving in the vessel in a fraction of the time, this means less down times for you, significantly reduced service costs and extended life of the product in your vessel. Give the team at Stella a call to learn how we can help you with your Gyro Needs.