Hydraulic Stabilizers

ABT-TRAC Yacht Stabilizers dramatically improve ride comfort in any sea-state or wave angle. TRAC's 3-term control detects vessel motion and instantly adjusts fin stabilizer position to counteract roll.

Stella Marine is proud to be the exclusive Australian distributor and service agent of ABT-TRAC. ABT TRAC’s thrustersfin stabilizers and integrated hydraulic systems are installed on the top yachts built by the world’s most prestigious manufacturers. We don’t just sell the equipment; we also back it up with a complete installation, commissioning and maintenance service via our TRAC factory trained technicians.

TRAC Yacht Stabilizers

"In marine stabilizers, speed is the key. You must stop roll before it starts otherwise you end up fighting the vessel's momentum as well as the forces of the sea, and that's a losing battle. The lightning fast reaction time of the TRAC yacht stabilizer is key to its premium performance."

Dramatic Yacht Stabilizing Performance

Dramatic is the only word that even comes close to describing the performance of an ABT-TRAC marine stabilizer system compared to any first-generation boat stabilizer. Other boat stabilizing products provide some degree of "roll dampening" but the ABT-TRAC marine stabilizer virtually eliminates roll altogether!

ABT-TRAC Boat Stabilizers Are Fast Acting

Solid state inertial sensors feed the TRAC's control processor with vessel roll and heel angle data in real time. TRAC's stabilizer fin angle of attack is adjusted over 200 times per second to create roll countering lift the instant it is detected.

A Digitally Designed Yacht Stabilizer

The TRAC stabilizer fin was computer designed from the ground up by a nationally recognized hydrodynamics design team. The Stabilizer fin chord shape was optimized to create maximum lift without cavitation at typical cruising speeds. But to give the TRAC fin the lift needed to provide absolute stabilizing performance, a "winglet" was designed and added to the tip of the fin. The winglet provides a substantial increase in lift while reducing drag at the same time.

"Compared to an airplane wing, a traditional boat stabilizer fin loses a measurable amount of lift out at the tip as water on the high-pressure side wraps around the tip to the low-pressure side. The phenomenon also creates what is called a "wing tip vortex" which is a major component of drag. The TRAC stabilizer fin winglet provides a barrier to high pressure "wraparound" thus increasing lift and reducing drag at the same time."

TRAC Stabilizer Easy Touch Screen Access

TRAC Link is an integrated CAN Bus control for TRAC stabilizers, thrusters, and auxiliary hydraulic loads. TRAC Link control allows multiple touch screen panels and thruster control stations to be connected via simple network cables. Thrusters, stabilizers and auxiliary hydraulics can be controlled from the same touch screen. TRAC Link also monitors hydraulic pressure and stabilizer performance. TRAC thrusters can be precisely controlled to manoeuvre the vessel to the dock and hold it there. Dual windlass control is available from the touch screen.

Integrated Hydraulics Drive TRAC Marine Stabilizers

A dedicated Integrated Hydraulics System (ABT•TRAC central hydraulic system) provides hydraulic fluid power to the TRAC stabilizer.

Space Saving Boat Stabilization System

The TRAC Stabilizer fin actuator is designed with a low profile to minimize installation space. The boat Stabilizer's larger mounting flange makes actuator installation easier and spreads fin loads into the hull over a greater area.