Kohler Marine Generator Servicing

Stella Systems is the proud importer and distributor of Kohler Marine Generators into Australia. Stella Marine have been factory trained by Kohler in all aspects or maintenance and repair of the Kohler range of Marine Generators. Our team are not only fully qualified to perform warranty repairs but also highly skilled tradesmen able to commission and undertake scheduled service, repair, maintenance and installation of the full Kohler Range.

The Kohler Range of Generators are the most advanced in the world, and with the new DEC 3500 controllers can offer features that no other manufacturer can. The DEC 3500 controller offer full load management capabilities with the ability to sense load, start other Generators and parallel them automatically as required. This feature allows additional load requirements be met, drop them back when not required, load shedding of non-essential loads, hour balancing between units and so much more.

There is a reason that Kohler are the Largest Marine Generator Manufacturer in the world; they have the most advanced and most reliable units on the market. Let the team at Stella take special care of your Kohler generators and keep them working for the years ahead. If you don’t have a Kohler Power Generation product, well what are you waiting for, give us a call today.