Steel Fabrication

At Stella Marine, we have class certified Steel welders and we can provide you with structural steel work welding work under all classification societies. We not only repair hull plate and structural work but can also perform any steel fabrication under Australian Standards as well.

Our team has experience with Steel shed construction, mezzanine floors, internal stair cases and much more. Fabrication of beams, tanks and structural frame work is second nature to our team.

If your vessel has corrosion in hull plates, tanks or the structural frames then we can have the experience and team to get you up and running with minimal downtime. Internal corrosion on water and waste tanks is a large problem on steel vessels and keeping your tanks and tank coatings well maintained is key to ensuring you vessel stays corrosion free. If you are experiencing problems with your Steel vessel then the team at Stella can help, just give us a call and let us know what you need.