TRAC Get Home Drive


The Trac Get Home Drive is a gearbox which is mounted onto your propeller shaft, it is hydraulically driven and designed to be a backup form of propulsion should you lose your main engine.

Driven from your vessels generator or alternate engine, hydraulic power is directed to your Get Home Drive, providing you with propulsion either forward or reverse for cruising or manoeuvring. As a continuous duty drive, controlled from a remote panel in the pilot house, the Trac Get Home Drive is a life saver.

Offering superior speed flexibility, we have used an exclusive split case design to allow us to change the gear ration and hydraulic motor without the need to remove the unit from the vessel, a huge time and cost saving feature. When not in use, the hydraulic motor is completely disconnected from the gearing, reducing wear, heat generation and drag.

Gear lubrication is achieved via a simple oil sump splash design, making the Get Home Drive robust and reliable, providing that piece of mind when you really need it.


  • Fully self-contained unit that is remotely engaged from the pilot house
  • Can be incorporated into all Trac Integrated Hydraulic systems
  • Flexible gear ratios available to match your vessel
  • Suitable for propeller shafts ranging from 2” to 4”
  • Easily installs over the shaft, no cutting or machining required
  • Continuous rated gear drive, no belt or chains
  • Spring loaded actuator, ensures accidental engagement cannot occur
  • Low maintenance