TRAC Integrated Hydraulic Systems

ABT-Trac manufacture advanced integrated hydraulic systems that not only power the ABT-Trac range of Thrusters and Stabilizers, but also included ancillary equipment like capstans, windlasses, cranes, generators, bilge pumps and more.

Every vessel gets evaluated individually and the system is custom designed to support the specific needs of your yacht.

Using high efficiency hydraulic piston pumps driven from the main engines or PTO’s from the marine gears or generators, you can be sure your system will be ready to perform.

AC power packs are often added to provide back up and hydraulic power while you are at anchor. We also design all our systems with expansion in mind, so rest assured that your system can grow to meet your hydraulic demands.

All of our systems come standard with high capacity cooling, so you can operate the system continuously without heating, we also closely monitor oil levels and temperature so you know your systems is always safe.

With thousands of systems out in the market place, powering vessels all over the world you can be assured that you have a quality system that is backed up by our expert factory trained technicians and global service partners.

Our systems are installed as standard equipment by more of the world’s top yacht builders than any other brand. If you expect exceptional performance, outstanding quality and unmatched support, you can’t go past a Trac system.

ABT-TRAC Integrated Hydraulic System Brochure